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Snapchat Now Available To PC Users



Snapchat is now available on PCs through the Microsoft Store which keeps the apps that run on Windows PCs.

The platform is known for its application on mobile devices and it is intriguing to see Snapchat now coming to the bigger screens. 

Interestingly, the Snapchat app on the Microsoft Store is a Progressive Web App, which means you need a web browser to open the application.

And since this is available on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, you will gain access to the Snapchat PWA through the Microsoft Edge browser. 

You can search for Snapchat on the Microsoft Store and get the details for the app. The Store listing suggests Snapchat was released on November 8 and it only supports English for now.

The app is 1.4 MB in size, thanks to its PWA nature, which allows developers to build apps in the web version.

As for the privacy terms, Snapchat can access your internet connection as per the Microsoft Store app details.

The interface is similar to other web applications we have seen on WhatsApp and even Instagram.

It seems to give users the option to chat, make calls (even video), and click photos via the camera.

The app store listing says that you can install the PWA version on up to 10 Windows devices as long as you have signed in to your Microsoft account.