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So Sad !Check Out Adorable Photos Of Likoni Ferry Tragedy Victims



Mariam Kaghenda With Her Daughter Amanda

The victims at the centre of a tragic accident along the Mombasa channel have been identified after their vehicle plunged into the ocean.

Cute images of the mother and her four-year-old daughter have emerged, depicting how the two were full of life before the ill-fated Sunday ferry- MV Harambee snapped life out of them.

Mariam Kigenda, ‘graduated last week’  before this tragedy occured.

The woman, Marriam Kigenda,35 and her daughter Amanda Mutheu were crossing over in their car when it lost breaks and began sliding into the sea.

Helpless guards in the ferry are said to have been shocked at the time, but started throwing lifesavers after the car began sinking as terrified passengers wailed.

It is not yet clear whether the ferry operator communicated with standby rescue teams (if at all they are available) or the remedial actions the crew took to save the two from drowning.

By Sunday evening, the two had not been drawn out of the ocean, after reports indicated that the nearby Kenya Navy officers took long to arrive at the scene of the accident.

Likoni OCPD Benjamin Rotich said the vehicle- Toyota ISIS KCB 289C reversed and lost breaks, a few metres before the ferry docked.

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