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SOCIAL: Kenyans share their experiences of being hosted by relatives



SOCIAL: Kenyans share their experiences of being hosted by relatives

Life is supposed to be easy but some are caught in a tight spot in the rat race.

Misfortune lock people in a place of misery and gnashing of teeth., It is like an antelope caught in the high beam light of a 18 wheeler truck.


Have you ever been hosted by an uncle, aunty, distant cousin, or an elder sibling?

What was your experience like?

If nasty, what lessons did you learn?

Recently, Kenyans On twitter shared their experiences of being hosted by a relative.

“Have you ever been hosted by a relative? Have you ever been dependent on a relative when things were hard on you? Leta experience (crying emoji),” Ng’endo Murugu (@MrsMuruguu) tweeted.

Worst experiences

“2013. couldn’t put on the TV until mwenye nyumba afike. If they decide to eat outside no one would inform you. Watafika 9pm, they watch news na kuenda kulala. Unapiga dua unajilaza tumbo kavu. Because I was sleeping in the sofa, I was the last to sleep and 1st to wake up (heartbreak emoji),” Phill (@philchelule) shared.

“They would buy for me 2kg of maize flour to last a week. I had to make porridge with it 3 or 4 times a week for it to last, and then smile at them and say thank you for being there,” James Newton (@JNPhantom) wrote

“Lived with my ”rich” cousins as a kid who treated me like trash now i am rich and they are poor (double laugh emojis),” Herold Oluoch (@Beneah) laughed.

” I remember after my highschool..I was hosted with dfrent pple till I said to myself am giving them a burden of which they never complained but latter decided to go stay with my relatives…weeee my uncle ..first day was ok siku ya pili nilijua jua Nairobi si nyumbani …upto now,” David Otoo (@DavidJalueny070) made a decision.

The Mechanic (@Okwiri_Senior), says the experience changed his life

“I remember after high school in 2017 I was hosted by my uncle,his wife was having a kibanda at that moment he built a mabati square box and divided it into two,one side he put a kiosk the other side was my bedroom.i started my mechanic training at eldoret town life was crazy…”

Miss Gibson (@MuringoZW) lacks words to express her experience

“This was my whole childhood experience, lemme tell you maina… I might need therapy for a larger part of my adulthood. Also even though adulting is a scam, I prefer it over my childhood, I also preferred school to home. I could write a book but I think a movie would be better”.

“I was doing internship at KPLC stima plaza in 2009. one day I went back to my uncle’s place for Lunch,I found the door locked,I called my cuzo to ask where she kept the keys,she replied…kwani wameandika wapi mpaka ukule lunch kwa nyumba yetu (doube laugh emojis),” Leander Celestine (@Leagacy001)

“Tuwachane na hii story because nishai lala kwa ofisi because of my relatives but that’s a thread for another day!,” Kanini Nyatichi (@nyatichiy) said

“I lived with my cousin last month,He used to provide everything.Ilifika point alianza kukua weird like akienda choo haflash,akipika food anaanza kukulia kwa sufuria before arealize I was there.I knew it was my time to leave.Nilitoka kwake and he never called kuuliza niko wapi,” Number (@Murangiri_D)

“Can’t share whole experience but<< they used to be like hakuna pesa ya salon if nywele haijamaliza 3 months na nywele yangu ni zile ndengu (laugh emoji) saizo unafanya kazi yote ya nyumba asubuhi na unashinda kwa duka,so I decided to shave my hair and she was like ni “hairstyle ulikosa” (laugh emoji), Leftie (@NancyLeftie)

Different take

“Some sad stories but some have tabia mbaya. you go to someone’s house cleaning is a problem you eat, leave the dishes there can’t clean up after yourself in the washroom or the room you’ve been allocated. Hata dishes kusaidia host inakuwa umeteswa because Kuna help or ‘wife’,” m.d dess (@dessmarya)

“I was in college so my aunyt wanted my timetable so that i can be going to do home chores when am not in class, bear in mind i had to walk around 3 kilometres so by the time i come and go back to school, the lesson was almost over,no fare nothing. And it was non negotiable,” Joe_utdstan (@HormoneUnknown) shared

“In my highschool,was hosted by my aunt. I Remember I used to leave at 6 and return at 6 from school. At form 2, kunyimwa food na matusi infront of her kids ikanilemea. I gave up,dropped out of school for months. My parents had to get me a boarding school. Her kids are grown now,” Ken D’ (KenMuuo)

“Every supper time after serving myself food – my younger cousin would sing that song …”tujiangalieeee (Laugh emojis) Though it never deterred me from serving myself enough food,” Waithêra (@KeciM__)

Good experiences

“Yes a cousin to my father , he became a father automatically ,never for a day saw a difference between me and his kids up to date , here’s a picture of me and his family on my traditional wedding , God bless this man forever!,” Noel Kamau Gicharu (@NoelKamau)

“My aunt Beatrice took care of the three of us (5yrs 3yrs 1yr ) after our mother died. We are here courtesy of her. God Bless her,” Hon Ogaro Ogaro (@OgaroOgaro)

“I lived with my uncle and auntie immediately after high school. Their home was my first stop from the village and they were awesome! To the greatest extent possible for someone else’s child, I was totally a son to them. I respect them greatly to date,” Kigotho (@King_Kigs)

“My uncle: what ever bad you see here,leave it here when you move out. Don’t focus on the negatives. What ever good you see here,take it with you. But always be a grateful human being and be a good person. He was hospitable & welcoming even to strangers in his house,” Noble (@TheNobleOneINC)

“My cousin hosted me for a month when in uni. Always bought fresh food, always gave me fare, always checked on me when he got home late and drunk. He was too nice. God bless that man. I had to leave though because I love pulling my own weight,” Handsome at night (@MukubaliMV)


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