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State refunds university girl Sh. 113 million received from Belgian boyfriend



State refunds university girl Sh. 113 million received from Belgian boyfriend

On 30th January, the government of Kenya agreed to refund Sh. 113 million frozen in an Equity account belonging to one of Marc De Mesel’s girlfriends, Ms. Tebby Wambuku Kago.

The 23-year-old is a student at the Nairobi Technical Institute.

Marc De Messel deposited lump sums into their accounts, which triggered the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) to begin investigations.

The huge sum belonging to Ms. Wambuku was frozen on December 11th, 2021. Appearing before the Anti-Corruption Court, ARA lawyer Mohammed Adow, filed a request to withdraw the suit against Ms. Wambuku.

He said that the evidence was insufficient to prove that the funds from her Belgian boyfriend were proceeds of illegal activities such as crime or money laundering.

“The investigations into the case found no sufficient evidence to sustain the forfeiture proceedings. We have consent from both parties to have the matter withdrawn,” Adow told the court.

The judge looked into the consent form tabled and granted the plea. The case was declared closed.

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Ms. Wambuku will recover the full amount in her Equity account that was temporarily withheld for more than a year.

She opened the account in February 22, 2021, and less than a year later it has amassed Sh. 113 million, raising eyebrows and churning numerous questions.

In her account forms, she indicated that she was self-employed. This was the other red flag that led to the ARA suspecting that they were proceeds of crime.

Ms. Wambuku noted that the money was a ‘love gift’ from Marc De Mesel whom she claimed to be romantically involved.

The tycoon’s other girlfriend, Felesta Njoroge received Sh. 109 million. Her friend Sarah Wambui was credited Sh. 100 million while Wambuku’s sister received Sh. 49 million.

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