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Stivo simple boy spreads the gospel as he features Scheneider Shanny in new jam.



Stivo simple boy is no longer new to many of his Kenyans fans now. He is now back  on the music scene with gospel song dubbed “I lift you  higher.”

In the song he has teamed  up with new artists Scheneider Shanny for this jam.

The man that started of after being ridiculed for his looks now is gaining popularity after he Landed an ambassadorial job at Nacada. This was after he performed “Vijana tuache mihadarati”.

A song that went viral to the extent of get him recognition among social media users.Trust Kenyans when it comes to make you an internet sensation.

I lift you higher

I lift you higher, is a gospel rap song that just talks of God’s love to humanity. The song starts off with Scheneider Shanny as she puts in her vocals that are beautifully done.

Further, Stivo simple boy raps through the song with,…..Hapa duniani tumekuja kusafiriNi kweli, si siri hiyo ni kweli kamili, Siku ikifika tutamwona mwenyezi ,Muumba mbingu na nchi, mpaka mbalamwezi……
Clearly, he has outdone himself in this song as many would say that he has done far much better than how he started of.

On the other hand, he has received a backlash from controversial gospel artist Ringtone.

Ringtone has  termed Stivo simple Boy as a non gospel artist and that he has no place in the gospel.

Anyhow, who is Ringtone to judge or rather classify people? I mean this man is becoming a pain especially in the entertainment scene!

The song I lift you higher has good content that he delivered in what I would term “okay”. He is the kind of artist that deserves a chance at the high table because of his diligence and hard work.

I believe with time he can be at a level that Kenyans will accept fully.


The song was produced by Phlexible and directed by Geoffrey Oyoo. The video quality is also up to standard.We hope for more.

For ratings I will go for 6/10.Below is the link to the song watch and tell us what you think.

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