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Stop Blaming Raila For Your Leaders Laziness and Mediocrity- Moses Kuria to Central Kenya



From Raila Odinga’s fiercest critic to biggest cheerleader. Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria embodies the dictum that there are no permanent enemies in politics. Only permanent interests.

Kuria has asked Mt Kenya leaders to stop blaming their failures on the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition leader.

The MP has said some leaders have been using the handshake as an escape route to avoid being held accountable by people.

The handshake, he said, has in no way affected the way projects are implemented by the Jubilee government.

The MP said leaders have been dragging Raila’s name in their campaigns instead of concentrating on serving the people who voted for them.

Kuria also said Raila is not responsible for the distribution of resources.

Speaking in Githima village, Kigumo subcounty, on Tuesday, Kuria urged residents to take their leaders to task if they feel that they are not receiving the necessary development.

Kuria also said there is a need for local leaders to shelve their differences and speak in one voice.

“The divisions we are seeing among leaders jeopardize the political stability of the region and it could have far-reaching repercussions,” the

Kuria, who has declared his presidential aspirations, said the divisions have created a loophole for other leaders to penetrate the region and worsen the rifts.

He said a more united region would work for the benefit of residents.

“Unity among leaders is important. We cannot allow others to be showing our people the way forward while we sit back and watch,” he said.

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