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Stop exam cheating brouhaha | Nation



Stop exam cheating brouhaha | Nation

Exam brouhaha • The current hullabaloo about “stolen” 2022 KCSE exams is one Dr Kennedy Machabo won’t buy. Says he: “Even the mainstream media would not acknowledge that Nyambaria Boys School was top nationally. For God’s sake, it’s a national school and don’t call it ‘little-known’. When the traditional national schools make it, we don’t hear of exam leakages.” His contact is [email protected]

Magoha Tower • The iconic tower on the main campus of the University of Nairobi, which was built during Prof George Magoha’s tenure as the vice-chancellor, should be renamed after him, Muriithi King’au proposes. “That the late Prof Magoha set the bar high in his leadership of the education sector is indisputable. The university should grab the moment to honour him.” His contact is [email protected]

Familicide • Cases of people killing close relatives after drinking illicit alcohol are on the increase in Kiambu County, says Francis Njuguna. It has occurred in his Kibichoi Village, in Komothai Ward, Githunguri, and other places. “There was this case of a middle-aged man who strangled his 80-year-old mother and then killed himself. We need extra efforts to fight this.” His contact is [email protected]

Treetop calls • The mobile phone and data network in Murang’a Town “has been quite poor since mid December last year”, moans Nicholas Murithi. Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom networks are weak at Mukawa, Total, Murang’a Prison and Mukuyu. “We will soon have to climb trees or hills to make calls or access data. We have to get out of buildings to make calls!” His contact is [email protected]

Seeing home • There is a need to boost domestic tourism even as the country increases marketing abroad, says Chintan Gohel. “We should have more packages suited to citizens. When the Covid-19 lockdowns happened, Kenyans supported the industry as foreigners couldn’t. Let’s build more tourism attractions, such as hikes and nature-focused events.” His contact is [email protected]     

Have a home-grown day, won’t you!

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