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“Stop saying I have cancer it’s affecting my parents” Jimmy Gait asks Kenyans to wait for final tests results



Singer Jimmy Gait has asked his fans to stop spreading rumours he’s suffering from throat cancer.

The singer is currently in India for medical check-up after having issues with his throat. He took to Youtube to share his disappointments on how Kenyans have been handling his medical trip.

” I have been having a throat problem for a long time and I was not able to get treatment at home that is why I decided to come. Doctors have subjected me to a lot of tests and I am waiting for the report,” he said. 


A few sources had claimed the singer has cancer but Gait is asking Kenyans to be patient and wait for the final result because the rumours are even scaring her family members.

“We are still doing tests and until the results, it is not right for you to spread those kind of rumours. It is already affecting my parents so much, my family, my close people and family that love me are really worried. I will really appreciate if what you can do now is to encourage me, pray for me and stand with me,” he said. 


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