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The festive season is here with us. It is the best time to show off your fashion and makeup skills during parties. Here are Five tips to ensure the crowd`s eyes are set on you:


  1. Makeup on fleek. Don’t overdo your makeup for daytime parties, save that for the evening shenanigans. Subtle makeup will be ideal and it’s easier to dress yourself as it blends well with most outfits. Nude lippie, a bit of foundation and powder to top it off is all you need. Simple.
  2. Sexy back. With the sun out, showing off a little bit of skin never hurt nobody. If you have legs for days, show them off. Get a cute short dress or shorts: you can never go wrong with this ladies. Rock your luhya shoulders in a nice off shoulder top with a pretty bangle or necklace. Do NOT overdo it.
  3. Shoes. You’ve probably been invited to many parties and by now your feet hurt from all the dancing. Get comfortable shoes. If you have to do heels, make sure a pair of sandals are in your bag. Or just ditch the heel and get comfortable flat shoes. Whatever tickles your fancy.
  4. Matching bag. A small clutch bag to throw in your lipstick and wet wipes is important. Plus, it adds you points for your overall outfit. Win-win.
  5. Confidence. Never leave the house without it. Shoulders high, smile more and take calculated steps princess. Nobody is rushing you. It’s the holidays, chill.

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