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Tanzanian singer Mbosso opens up on heart disease that affects him – Kenya Satellite News Network



By Wanja Waweru

Mbosso, a bongo flava performer from Tanzania, has spoken up about the illness that he and some of his family members are dealing with.

The Mtaalamu singer said that his mother, sister, and aunt all have arteriosclerosis in a BBC interview.

The accumulation of lipids, cholesterol, and other chemicals in and on the artery walls is known as atherosclerosis. The accumulation is known as plaque. Atherosclerosis can constrict the arteries and obstruct blood flow. The plaque may rupture and cause a blood clot.

Mbosso, who was born Mbwana Yusuf Kilungi, claimed that at the age of 27, he became aware of his own illness.

“I was told that the blood vessels from my heart that transported blood to other parts of my body were blocked with fat such that it is unable to work properly,” he says.


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