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The 90 day rule. Kibe refutes that holding the cookie keeps a man



Kamene and Kibe are today referencing Steve Harvey’s book, Think Like A Man Act Like A Woman clause on the 90-day rule for the ladies.

Kamene Goro gave an example using her friend who she named Gloria saying they went for a girl’s night out and she opened up that she is tired of short term relationships.

Gloria is the lady who gives up her cookie too quick and they were trying to figure out could this be the problem?

Andrew Kibe loudly said that there is nothing like that. There must be something bigger than what we can see.

It does not matter if she gives up day one or day 90. The men are leaving because there is something wrong with her. there is a problem that we can not see that men who have slept with her have seen

For him, he says that if he calls you for a date, best believe it is a call for the cookie.

Immediately I ask you out, best believe it is a call for nyandus. We need to stop pretending such people exist. Go for an interview and start the job

He even told Kamene straight up that if it was just the two of them left on the world and they have to procreate, she better be ready to give in.

This time men who called in did not support Kibe. Shockingly most men have said, it is better to wait.

“It is better to give your self time. Kibe stop relating it to a job. For a job you need it and you have been looking for it for a while. As for sex, it will not go anywhere so just wait.” First Caller said

“There is no hurry when it comes to sex. One can wait” Second Male caller said

One guy told Kamene and Kibe that there hit and run is the way.

hit and go is the best. One week is a lot. Because they leave us with some thirst.

‘I may not have muscles but I have the muscle that matters’ Kibe tells Maureen Waititu

Kibe gave a real-life example when he helped a woman break the 90-day rule by the church.

let me tell you, there was a lady who was told to keep off any form of sexual interaction with her husband 90 days before their wedding day so that on their wedding day it will be a fire night after anticipation. She waited but by day 4 she called me to help her sort out the thirst. So she was not with her to be husband but she was still getting some from me

Steve Harvey was up to help the ladies but clearly kwa ground vitu ni different.

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