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The Guys From Yes Theory Tried to Live Like ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof




Wim Hof has been a public figure for years, but scientists and medical experts still haven’t figured him out. “The Iceman,” as he’s called, claims that his usage of a special breathing method is the reason why he’s able to withstand extreme cold for long periods of time.

Hof’s numerous feats include climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in just a pair of shorts, and he holds the world record for the fastest half marathon ran while barefoot on ice or snow.

While some medical experts have argued that Hof’s feats are the result of his genetic makeup and positive mindset, Hof believes that he can teach anyone to withstand cold temperatures the way that he does. Called the Wim Hof Method, the core principles of the technique include cold therapy, breathing and meditation.


A group of YouTubers called Yes Theory decided to take on Hof’s method, and they flew to Poland for four days to see if they too could build up a resistance to the cold. Some members of the group were optimistic about their chances, while others felt like Hof’s claims were less than reputable.

In order to prepare for their eventual final test of hiking up a snowy mountain, the group underwent exercises including cliff jumping into freezing water, breathing and mental exercises, and a 10-minute stint in an ice bath.

The group’s four-day adventure ended with them putting Hof’s methods to the test as they hiked up a mountain—in just their shorts. Watch the video below to see if the group makes it to the summit.

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