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The Handshake Has Silenced Kenyans As Kenyatta Family Prepares To Grab KICC



Via Facebook – Sandrah Njoki

So, are we all going to pretend that we are not aware that the KICC, our oldest national landmark and heritage, is under the risk of being auctioned?

Or do we want to wait till the Kenyattas achieve their plans and get to buy the national Center for the measly 400M that it’s in debt for, then we rise up in protest?

Personally as Sandrah, I am convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nana Gecaga who’s the current incompetent Managing Director of KICC, has deliberately driven the Conference Center into debt, following through with a family script, so that her family (Kenyattas) can slurp it up in a choreographed auction sale.

The KICC floor area is about 56 acres, tell me how much a 1/8 of an acre would cost in Nairobi’s CBD area, then see how Kshs.400M for a 56 acre developed property would be the epitome of CHEAP and an outright ROBBERY on the people of Kenya.

Earlier this year, Nana Gecaga was in the news for having spent a whooping 100M for a trip to Malaysia with her entire KICC Management team, to apparently go receive some shenzi Toursim award that reflects on page 8 of a Google search.

But because she is the President’s niece, her brother is the President’s PA, her proximity to power ensured that no action was taken against her for such outright misuse of Public Funds.

Never mind that at the time she was spending Kshs.100M for the joyride, The KICC still had the Kshs.400M debt noose.


How can the KICC be unable to pay it’s suppliers to a tune of 400M a debt that has been lingering since 2015?

Yes you heard me right – a 400M debts since 2015.

The debt is drawn from outstanding payments to suppliers who provided and delivered Services and products during a WTO Conference in 2015.

KICC is supposed to earn for Kenya through hosting Global Business Meetings, Incentive travels, and Conferences and Exhibitions.

MICE is a lucrative division of tourism revenue for many Countries in Africa.

Kenya was the crown bearer of MICE since KICC was put up in 1974 till early 2000s.

Today, the Country earns pittance from that division of tourism and not because it’s a failing Industry, far be it from the truth.

The World travel awards last year ranked Rwanda as a leading conference destination, hosting the highest number of conferences, meetings, incentives and events in THE WORLD.

Point of emphasis is in the World.

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When and how did we get overlapped to the point where our main Conference and Exhibitions Center is now an unprofitable unit, it’s even up for auction, while our neighbors are conquering the Industry not just in Africa but the world?

In 2018, Rwanda hosted 145 Conferences in the year, handling over 135, 000 international delegates which generated about $452 million for the Country.

The amount generated in 2018 was $42 more than revenue generated in 2017.

Imagine that!

Rwanda earned equivalent Kshs.40B in Conference Tourism and here in Kenya, we can’t even keep our Conference Center afloat we are struggling with a Kshs.400M debt on it.

Is this Government serious?

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Is Najib Balala still in office and being paid by Tax Payers?

Anyway, the year is 2019, just jot it down, KICC will be bought out by President Uhuru and his family, as idiots praise him with #AsanteUhuru hashtags.

In another 2-5 years those same people will then begin to lament how this Country is owned by one family, after they realize that their names appear nowhere in the KICC or any of the Kenyatta family properties and Kibicho is no longer around to boost their Mpesa balances.

Cheza na Mama Ngina my frens!

Courtesy: Sandrah Njoki

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