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The Juggernaut journalists receiving hefty payola from the cartels to taint Governor Mike Sonko’s reputation exposed – Milele FM




A section of journalists are pseudonym, because going by the rate at which the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko name and images are emanating from their media house, of course improfiling him with fake scandals, requires no czar for someone to tell that they must be deepening their backhander pockets from an enemy to the Governor. Journalists ought to set the epigram which aptly captured my quandary. Their core role is to swim in the neutral waters of political independence.

Sad enough that they have deserted their roles and allowed hunger to control their heads. A hungry person is too daring and dangerous. Revelations have now emerged how some crooked journalists pocketed money to publish tainting stories of Nairobi county. They are yarping aloud that governor is not working, when they can’t engage the same energy in the equal decibels to talk about governor’s achievements.. Several known cartel stalwarts are dancing themselves lame, Anyone who tells you that the EACC, is working tirelessly to keep the governor out of the office in not honest to you, and the term ‘constitution’ is vocabulary that has never existed in his skull. Former Nairobi assembly speaker Abdi Guyo approached four journalists, three from The Standard, Daily Nation and The Star newspapers and one from Citizen TV.

Lest you forget, the three print journalists usually cover county assembly matters. It has also emerged that due to the increasing outcry over extortion from Members of the County Assembly, the journalists, who had been provided with a working station at the assembly, were recently ejected due to their unbecoming conduct.

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A female journalist working with one of the newspapers was recently attacked by a female nominated MCA for dating a youthful MCA from Embakasi. The angry female MCA angrily uttered, “You are a journalist. We know what you do even to Guyo. This will cost you badly. Your work is to report about assembly proceedings and not indulging in love affairs in the assembly.” Back to the point, The journalists, who were promised a good package after they publish the story, are now talk of the town. They said a senior EACC official and Guyo have not fulfilled the promise they made.

They haven’t stashed the payola to their accounts as it was agreed. They are now trying to cook other malicious stories which might be published in the same dailies. A senior editor with Daily Nation is also the talk of the town. He is said to have been bankrolled by the same cartel to complete the construction of his palatial house which is next to Judiciary training school. Remember, the senior editor is also in private affairs with the female managing editor who is known for smoking weed, a move which might soon affect the Sunday Nation publication. Pressure has now mounted within the journalists. Money was poured in newsroom yet others did not get the loot. Ousted Guyo with a senior EACC official have gone missing and are now dictating how some stories should be written.

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