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The State Pleads with Kenyans to Bear with Them for Slow Recovery of Likoni Ferry Tragedy Victims’ Bodies



The government is now calling upon the country residents not slum them over the delayed recovery of the Likoni channel Ferry tragedy victims’ whose car plunged into the Indian Ocean last Sunday citing bad weather and possible shark attacks under the ocean.

The Likoni ferry tragedy refreshes the Mtongwe ferry disaster the memories which left 272 people dead in 1994 after the rescue operation did not manage to recover anybody, combined with the current Likoni ferry incident, this would go down into annals of history as Kenya’s worst maritime accident.

multi-agency operation in the latest tragedy has been going on since last
Sunday without any positive result does not nice Kenyans who went ahead to blame
the government claiming the government was not willing to find the bodies.

Comparing the disasters that have occurred in other parts of the
world, quite a number of factors could determine the duration it will take the
divers to retrieve the bodies.  

government asked for more time claiming diving is not a walk in the park. It is
a risky affair that needs to be done by trained people with a lot of
experience. The seawater of Likoni Channel is 70 meters deep and hence you
would expect the divers to prepare well.

The state argued that, besides the oxygen tank, they must put on the protective gear that would help increase visibility and avert marine life attacks so the people should not slum them for delayed recovery of the bodies.

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