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The Veiled politician: A Dark Future Beckons For Deputy President William Ruto




As the country’s ruling party continues

with its meetings and deliberations on streamlining the party in order to have leaders who are focused on developing the country, it is evident that the country’s Deputy President William Ruto is beckoning at a dark future as he has been veiled into the falsehood that he could lead the country.

Ruto has been blinded by self-ambition and self-belief in his incessant greed and hunger for power. He, of all people should have read in between the lines and decipher that in politics patience is a virtue. A virtue that is most often than not held in high esteem.

However, Ruto lacks the character of being patient. From the minute he stepped into the office of the vice presidency Ruto though he had finally made it. He no longer saw President Uhuru Kenyatta as an ally but an adversary and an obstacle in his quest to becoming president.

Ruto’s conscience had fooled him into believing that he would deceive the president, yet his actions had been trailing him in hot pursuit. Right from the start of 2013, Ruto thought he was wiser than the wisest men of the land as he started his scheming and scamming from all anlges. Through the footsoldiers that he had planted in key parastatals and Ministries as Cabinet Secretaries and Senior officials as a reward and therby instructed them on how they should work to ensure all bounties reach him. Billions and billions of shillings disappeared from Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies within Agriculture, Energy and Water. Parastatals such as Kenya Power, Kenya Pipeline Company, National Cereals and Produce Board among others have been plagued with scandals which has seen Cabinet Secretaries and parastatal heads among other officials being charged with corruption.

Additionally, Ruto’s lack of patience and naivety led him to behaving like a two-year old who was demanding attention. This he did saw by undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta and even lacking total respect for the Office of the Presidency. For instance, as the President embarked on a vicious fight against corruption, Ruto was on the forefront in defending the corrupt and even publicly downplaying stolen taxpayer’s money to ‘a few billions’. On the same not, the same Ruto came out to defend the corrupt under the disguise of ‘our people are being targeted’ despite the presence of evidence directly linking the perpetrators who are now fighting their cases in court.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Big Four Agenda and gave a clear guideline for the government to follow as regards development, Ruto pretended that he was in support for it yet in the hindsight he was pushing it down through his allies in the Senate and National Assembly who ware shooting down the budgets for the said projects and policies that would enable its implementation. Additionally, Ruto went round the country launching projects that were out of the governments yearly budgets and unplanned for with no allocation done. This he did so to destroy the government’s reputation and make the government and President appear as if not working.


Ruto claimed to be in support of the Building Bridges Initiative but instructed his Tanga Tanga foot soldiers to work towards frustrating the initiative by causing chaos and confusionin some of the meetings as was witnessed but this did not succeed. His strategy of divide and rule is well known and while the President is working towards uniting the country, his Deputy Ruto is arched by the fact that Kenya is at piece with its self and the country is on the right path of development.

His obsessiveness in becoming president has now led him to declare a new faction of a party dubbed ‘Jubilee Asili’ which in essence is a declaration of a man who does not respect President Uhuru Kenyatta as a party leader. It is sad that even his own ‘friends and confidants’ cannot advise him on how to better improve his political careers as he would not hesitate to eliminate anyone who appears to be a threat to him and within his reach. It is only about time that Ruto will be unshackled from his drunken stupor that he will ever be declared as the country’s president.

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