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US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter on Friday took to Twitter to call out The Star newspaper for publishing what he termed as misleading and false information.

In an article titled ‘Chinese eye Mombasa-Nairobi Expressway as US Ditch Project’, The Star claimed that the US abandoned the project over concerns that its cost had been inflated.

In a rejoinder, Ambassador McCarter termed the article by the publication as “total rubbish”, stating that the US was still committed to making the project a reality.

“There is so much wrong with this article I don’t know where to start to respond. Total RUBBISH! Journalistic malpractice. Start w/ picture of the right highway! Actual FACTS to follow,” tweeted McCarter.

A Kenyan Twitter user named @Kimani Mbugua replied to McCarter’s tweet, saying that Kenyans are opposed to such projects. 

“Whether fake or not, Kenyans are against such mega projects. It adds no value.” tweeted Mbugua.

In response to Mbugua, McCarter stated: “Nonsense. Infrastructure is needed but at affordable prices, great quality, debt that can be paid back, transparent contracts, Kenyan labor, and no thievery.”

In a statement to newsrooms on Friday evening, Ambassador McCarter said the US was still committed to the project and dismissed claims that it would saddle Kenya with unsustainable debt.


 “The United States remains fully committed to the Nairobi-Mombasa Expressway project and to fulfilling President Trump and President Kenyatta’s shared pledge to make this critically needed road a reality.”

“Contrary to recent press reports, the highway is an investment that won’t saddle Kenya with unsustainable debt. To the contrary, this project by a world-class U.S. company will provide the best-engineered solutions for Kenya’s infrastructure needs at a lower price than competitors and for far better value,” he added.

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