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Entertainment ranked second most recognized news app in Kenya ▷ Kenya News




Kenya’s fastest rising viral and trending news platform app has been ranked second most popular news app in Kenya. ranked second most recognized news app in Kenya prides itself as one of the top news and entertainment digital platform
Source: UGC has continued to set the trend with its unique coverage of local and regional news ranging from entertainment, celebrity gossip, politics, current affairs as well as sports and business.

The report dubbed State of Mobile Web in Africa focused on a detailed look of the use of news apps following the rapid digital expansion in the continent. app ranked among most recognized news apps in Kenya

In 2018, emerged the winner as best online entertainment news platform
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Among the already most known news apps, was ranked second most recognised news app with around 40%.

Opera news app was ranked first while Nation News app came third with around 20%. app ranked among most recognized news apps in Kenya app ranked second most recognized news apps in Kenya
Source: UGC

According to the Managing Editor Julia Majale, has a unique and skillful news packaging style that has managed to put it ahead of the pack.


Established in April of 2015, has leveraged on cutting-edge technological solutions to rank high in the local digital media space. is part of a global consumer internet company, Genesis Media, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, that provides solutions for news portals across emerging markets.

Genesis Media currently has presence in four African countries: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

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