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Tusidandanyane, Earthquake: What They Said!



There’s no doubt on Sunday — January 23, 2022 — that @anc_party leader @MusaliaMudavadi has finally written his own political obituary.  “Earthquake” my foot! Prof. Makau Mutua.

By TRAINING, Mudavadi is a LAND SURVEYOR. And Ruto loves LAND. 1+1= Acres: Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi.

William Ruto is ok to partner with a village party called Ford Kenya that has no MPs / MCAs beyond a tiny county in Western Kenya but tells Mt Kenya, Martha Karua, Moses Kuria, and others that their parties are village parties and cant make coalitions with them. Wah, the AUDACITY! Lord Abraham Mutai.

The OKA puppets – @skmusyoka and @MoiGideon – didn’t know that @MusaliaMudavadi’s EARTHQUAKE would be attended by @WilliamsRuto and more than 100 pro-Ruto MPs: Dr. Miguna Miguna.

INTEGRITY: My take, WE must always LEVEL WITH our friends and comrades even in politics! Prof. Ole Kiyiapi.

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