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Twitter Spaces Now Operates as Podcasts



Twitter Spaces, a development by Twitter Inc, is getting integrated with new features since its launch in September 2021.

Twitter Spaces enables users to have live audio conversations on various topics that interest them as anyone can join and speak in the Space.

After its birth, people using IOS and android apps could start a Space, but following its renovation, even users using Twitter Web can create a Space. Twitter has also initiated ticketed Spaces and scheduled Spaces as part of advancing the feature.

Further, users are able to record their conversations in the Spaces, and Twitter stores the data for 30 days before it deletes them. Users can also share recorded conversations, making its operation similar to that of podcasts.

Twitter has already come up with a newsletter integration on the social platform to enable the users to receive tweet notifications from the users they are subscribed to whenever they tweet.

This was a move to tackle competition from other social media applications and to woo the users to stick to the platform.

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