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UDA MPs want Azimio pay for the damages during demonstrations and to arrest Raila Odinga



UDA MPs want Azimio pay for the damages during demonstrations and to arrest Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga maandamano

Lawmakers from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party want the Azimio la Umoja alliance to explain why Monday’s large-scale protests caused so much damage.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, is said to have led the protests, which were not peaceful as had been promised. Instead, there were “looting sprees, orgies of senseless destruction, and running skirmishes with law enforcement officials,” according to reports.

Part of the statement said, “Mr Odinga’s so-called peaceful protests were a plainly dishonest campaign of large-scale urban banditry and nothing more.”

They said that Mr Odinga was behind the riots, which stopped businesses and other public services from running.

They said that because of the damage, the government will have to spend billions of shillings to fix and improve the city.

They thought that Mr Odinga’s crazy actions would cause destruction, loss, and damage worth tens of billions of shillings.

Now, the lawmakers want the police to look into what happened and bring all of the criminals to justice.

Lawmakers from the UDA asked you to enforce the law with full force and bring to justice everyone who took part in the crimes that Mr Odinga ordered.

“They must be held accountable for each stone thrown, piece of stolen property, item damaged, and the person hurt.”

In the same breath, they demand that Mr Odinga be looked into to see if he broke the law. They say that he shouldn’t be allowed to act outside of the constitution, and if he is found guilty, he should be brought to justice.

“It’s time to face an absurd situation that has gone on for far too long without a solution.”

“The government must definitively decide if Mr Odinga is exempt from the statute,” Kenya Kwanza MPs said.

“There is no use in requesting that everyone else follow the law if he is above it.” If the government decides that Mr Odinga is not above the law, it must take action right away to make him answer for his actions.

They also praised the speed with which police handled the protests and “kept Kenyans and their way of life safe and secure.”

“We commend you for fast reaching adulthood and for rising to the challenge.”

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