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Ultra-Affordable But With Amazing Features



Ultra-Affordable But With Amazing Features

Ultra-Affordable But With Amazing Features

By Soko Directory Team / Published February 6, 2023 | 9:32 am

Nokia C21 Plus

First, it is important to note that Nokia C21 Plus is an “ultra-affordable device” but one that comes with more features that are more sophisticated than other devices within the same price range. This is, therefore, a device for someone who wants an affordable phone but one that comes with optimum performance.

When buying this phone, the first feature that strikes you is that of face and fingerprint unlock. Many phones within the “affordable category” do not have this feature. The beauty of this feature is that it keeps your phone data secure and out of prying eyes. The feature is easy to set up and use.

What is more, smartphones often store people’s most private information, as well as act as a hub for entertainment, banking, and vital communication. Being part of the C-series family, Nokia C21 Plus comes with two years of quarterly security updates as a standard to keep everything safe.

The second thing that makes Nokia C21 Plus tick and attractive is its battery. We are all used to smartphone batteries taking at least 12 hours on continuous use. Delivering on battery life while sporting a sleek look and feel, Nokia C21 Plus comes with a 5050 mAh battery. Nokia C1’s battery takes between two to three days depending on the type you choose to buy. It, therefore, gives you more screentime and convenience.

I know you all wanted me to start with the camera features. The camera comes with additional features such as dual lenses, portrait mode-enabled, and panorama, not found in other phones within the same budget. With the camera’s 13MP main shooter and 2MP depth sensor, you can get creative with your snaps on the Nokia C21 Plus. Featuring a flash on the rear, you can take photos in any lighting conditions, worry-free.

But at the same time, the 13MP dual camera with HDR technology captures memorable moments in stunning detail, whilst different modes like Portrait, Panorama, and Beautification assist in creating professional-looking photos you can keep forever.

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