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Untold Facts Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Make More Money in Business



Untold Facts Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Make More Money in Business

Entrepreneurship is a long journey. A journey full of ups and downs, lessons and deceits. Many people who chose to embark on this journey fall, not once but many times. Some, after falling, rise and continue with the journey, while some fall and fall completely.

The power of an entrepreneur lies in never giving up. It is in the will to always move on, no matter what. It is the will to always bounce back with rejuvenated energy and move on as though nothing happened. It is about pushing hard, sweat, blood, and resilience.

Various factors have been blamed for the fall of many entrepreneurs. Some of them include lack of money, poor market, not knowing your market, and not accepting criticism, among others.

So what do you need to do to keep your business profitable? Knowledge is Key in entrepreneurship, and here are some wise business quotes by Stoic Nomad that will help you take your business to greater heights.

Kiragu: Things you need to know now to start building your own wealth 

  1. People buy with emotions and then justify with logic
  2. Sell the transformation, not the product.
  3. Tell prospects your price, then shut up.
  4. It’s easier to sell an offer that solves a pain than one fulfilling a desire.
  5. If your offer has a solid guarantee, it will result in more sales than refunds.
  6. Your products and services should meet demand, not try to create it.
  7. People don’t care about your offer, they care about what your offer can do for them
  8. You don’t need an expensive Macbook, logo, or a degree to start a business.
  9. You become wealthy by becoming valuable and then scarce.
  10. The market is not saturated, your offer is the problem (so change direction).
  11. You will only sell more if you have a great offer.
  12. A happy customer is the most powerful tool for marketing
  13. Sales is about listening, and marketing is about empathy.
  14. Charge high prices so you can deliver more value for your clients
  15. Selling a good product in a bad market is a losing battle.
  16. Never sacrifice your reputation for money.
  17. To grow at the start, say yes, but to continue growing, learn to say no.
  18. It’s okay to let go annoying clients
  19. Compete on value, not price
  20. Give value with zero expectations, and you will get ten times the returns in the long run.

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