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‘Uuuwi, niokoeni’ Nyeri teacher screams after he’s caught stuck with area chief ▷ Kenya News




A Nyeri teacher was on Saturday, November 9, caught red-handed munching on his area chief behind classrooms.

The teacher who was identified as Muriuki was said to have been eyeing the chief who was said to be beautiful and married to a local trader.

According to an eye witness, Muriuki was seen jumping off the school’s fence which is adjacent to the chief’s office.

He said that he did not suspect if there could emerge strange drama as he thought Muriuki was going after his duties in the school.

“At a far distance, I could see two people leaning on classroom walls,” He said.

He affirmed that he was prompted to get closer to the school because it was on Saturday and the pupils were not in school.

“On Saturdays teachers and pupils do not come to school except the teacher on duty and maybe the headteacher. I did not expect to find Muriuki and the chief stuck while eating the forbidden fruit,” the witness said.

He added that by the time he got to the school the two love birds had hit the ground while trying to detach from each other.

He said after he got to the scene, the two started screaming for help. “Uuuwi, niokoeni,” he said adding that one of the boda boda operators who arrived immediately knew the two love birds families.

He cited that one of the operators was heard saying that he once ferried the chief’s husband to a witchdoctor whom he suspected locked his marriage.

The two were separated after the chief’s husband arrived at the scene.

“He ordered everyone to clear from the scene after he helped carry them inside one of the classrooms.”

Another eye witness said that Muriuki was heard pleading for forgiveness from the chief’s husband promising never to repeat it again.

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