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Controversial Businessman Paul Nderitu’s brother was caught on video misbehaving, after drinking like a fish, a video sent exclusively to the Kenyan Digest shows.

Joseph Nderitu, the younger brother to Paul Nderitu is a former director Banda homes where he left with a huge amount of money.

So controversial is the Nderitu family that almost all of them are alcoholics and a recent article by a local blog exposed Paul Nderitu’s philandering ways.

According to the local blog, Paul Wanjohi Nderitu is the muscle behind several real estate companies and the main director of Valley Ridge Properties and Shadow Investor behind Nyumbani Concepts Limited, a budding real estate company run by his brother and former employees.

In essence, his rise to fame and fortune came back in 2011, when he met the Famous Andrew Kamau of Banda Homes, a man who as we are aware by now is up to his neck in court cases and several troubles.

Back then, Mr Nderitu Started off as an employee of Andrew, and they proceeded to have a close business relationship. However, all was not as it seemed. While he displayed a great business mindset, it was his physical misdeed that ultimately raised the red flag.

While the accumulation of power via promotion, Paul began to show his true colours, and at this point, he engaged himself into several relationships with his juniors, of course promising the young naïve girls the trappings of wealth and greater lifestyle. This was a position that threatened to fracture the business and ultimately did, with Paul leaving the real estate business to return to the insurance sector. However, as you well know, the insurance sector is hard and, after coming to his senses he returned to Andrew once again promising that he was reformed and was a changed man.

As soon as he realized that he had adequate resources at his reach, he began several affairs with his current and former staffs. One of the ladies he was in an affair with, of course speaking in anonymity confirmed to us the vulgarities that are his life. She narrates that “on one night he called me and asked me we go out. I accepted as he truly sounded romantic and at this point, I looked forward to a cosy night out. However, this could not have been further than the truth. When I arrived at the upmarket in Gigiri, I was shocked to find him dancing raunchily while surrounded by 4 young women, one of whom was my colleague. They were all drinking bottles of Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac which cost Kshs. 450, 000 each. I tried pulling him to the side and I asked him what exactly was going on, but unfortunately, he was too proud to answer.


Paul was happily married for the better part of his early life, but his official wife now lives in distress, since as soon as Paul started getting wealthy, that he abandoned his family at home, opting to live outside with his women. After moving from his official residence in Five Star Estate on Kiambu road, he moved in with a young lady in a gigantic mansion in Runda Estate, however, this was not to last after meeting the new fling in his life, a church girl Mercy Njuguna.

The brother captured on video trying to stop vehicles at one of the properties of the Nyumbani concept’s properties started Qualis properties in January 2019 with his girlfriend Jacinta Njorige which failed and they closed down with clients money to launch Nyumbani concepts with caroline Loontubu, a known lesbian.

Paul Nderitu and Martin Njoroge, all former employees of Banda homes.

A further background check confirms to the editor of this site that Martin Njoroge was fired from insurance for not remitting clients cash. He lives in Muthaiga north, with money he has stolen from clients.

This site now requests the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to save Kenyans from these conmen trading with Kenyans money and defrauding them. We also warn Kenyans that these individuals are very dangerous, and everyone must remember what that happened to the Gakuyo Sacco, as the real estate scam are now on the rise. Before trusting anyone with your money, do a background search and think twice!