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Virginia woman fired for showing middle finger to Trump motorcade now has 500,000 job offers to pick from




Samwel Ndalusia,

November 11th, 2017,

A woman cyclist in Virginia, USA who raised her middle finger towards the US President Donald Trump’s motorcade on October 28, 2017, has reportedly been relieved of her duties over the incident. The President was departing from the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia where the female cyclist caught up with his motorcade that was stopped by a traffic light near the golf course. The cyclist successfully gave the president the middle finger salute.

The woman cyclist in the image that went viral after the incident with President Trump’s motorcade has since been identified as Juli Briskman, a 50-year-old mother of two and a marketing executive with Akima LLC, a United States government contracting firm which allegedly fired her last week over the incident. The firm, which she had worked in for about six months, apparently saw her actions in the incident as disrespectful especially towards the head of state and so decided to let her go.

Ms. Briskman spoke to the US media stating that her employer summoned her to a meeting, a day after she reported to the Human Resources department that she was the woman cyclist in the viral image. She informed the Huffington Post News website that the management told her that they classified the viral image as “lewd” or “obscene” and determined that it violated the firm’s social media policies after she posted it on her Facebook page and Twitter account.

In her defense, however, Juli Briskman explained to the firm’s executives that the photograph wasn’t taken during working hours and that in her social media posts, both on Facebook and Twitter accounts, she never mentioned her employers. Ms. Briskman also questioned her hasty dismissal by the management considering a male colleague of hers was allegedly allowed to stay on his job after deleting a social media post that the firm’s management determined to be offensive in a separate incident.

Nonetheless, despite losing her job, Ms. Briskman said she did not regret making the gesture to President Trump. She told the Huffington Post that, “In some ways, I’m doing better than ever.” Adding that, “I’m angry about where our country is right now. I am appalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something.”

Brendan Smialowski, the press photographer who took the viral image, explained to the AFP website that it was common to see people protesting or making obscene gestures at presidents as they drove by. He reported that he was struck by the tenacity of Juli Briskman when she made the gesture several times and made many attempts to catch up with the motorcade.

In a rather awkward turn of events, however, the 50-year old mother of two and a communications professional has already received over half a million job offers and counting, from employers both large and small, from every state in the union after she was fired by Akima LLC over the middle finger incident with President Trump. Ms. Briskman received thousands of phone calls and emails asking her to attend interviews for employment consideration. Some other potential employers have pleaded with her to work for them.

“She’s my ‘shero,” exclaims Lucy Clementori, an owner of a chain of fitness centers in the Southwest promising to hire Ms. Briskman, sight unseen. “She can take over our spin classes and teach everyone that great presidential salute!”

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