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Wakuumusic treat us to their best and lit hit ‘Tandika’



Wakuumusic have given us a new tune to dance to dubbed Tandika. The gang has featured the famous Maddox from boondocks gang and Delo.

Just like they always happen Tandika is well hyped and easily fits in the ghetto anthems category and who knows it is probably the talk of town.

Bringing on board Maddox and Delo is a good idea to add flavour to the rauchy song. It is always good to acknowledge talent and help the little ones grow.

To start with, the dance is well done but as usual the same BS of women twerking is in the song. I feel like the groups need to find other ways to sell their song. I do not understand how one will watch a song to purposely watch women twerk.

Tandika is more about a girl getting laid

In addition to the video, the lyrics are super good and well outlined. Though the song is more of a club banger, Wakuumusic delivered.

Tandika is a Swahili word mostly used for hitting or making something appear straight. Of course none of the above meanings fits the songs definition.

To start with; So beiby basi tandika tandika Mami basi tandika tandika We tu tandika Kitandani mi nakam kuitandika tandika. This stanza already confirms that the song is about to be sexual based.

Mi nitai tandika tandika Mi nitai tandika tandika Ni kama mi nimejam. Whoever delivered this line simply means he will banging the girl while very angry. In short it is going to be a rough game.  Nimelelewa mtaani I beg  I beg you don’t you tetema Nionyeshe hizo mavitu  Ah — don’t waste my time Na kama hauwezi inama Huyo si dem hazinyyc Na kama hauwezi lamba  Huyo si guest. As much as the songs content is regulated, I do not like this stanza for it makes women appear as tools.
In conclusion, Tandika by Wakuu Music gets a rating of 5/10.

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