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Watch as Ruto dares Raila to face him directly [Video]



Watch as Ruto dares Raila to face him directly [Video]

Stop bothering Kenyans, if you have a problem, face me. I am the one who defeated you, why are you disrupting the lives of mama mboga? Enterprising Kenyans did work because of you, what is your problem with them?” Ruto told off Odinga.

Tell him that he was computing with Ruto, aka hustler…tell him to look for me. Stop the arrogance and contempt for ordinary people,” he added.

He told the opposition to give him space to address pertinent issues facing Kenyans such as the high cost of living and unemployment.

The president said he was willing to work with elected leaders in the opposition to develop the country.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua who had also accompanied the president said that it was regrettable that Raila was misleading his supporters.

Gachagua accused Odinga of taking advantage of his supporters without helping them improve their lives.

He also turned the heat on Kisii Governor Simba Arati, putting him on the spot to dump the Azimio la Umoja outfit and work with President Ruto.

I want to tell Governor Arati to stay close to the president so that Kisii can develop. Leave Raila, his mission is to destroy property,” Gachagua said.

During his speech, Governor Arati thanked the head of state for appointing leaders from the region but also implored him to consider the youth, whom he argued need the opportunities more than long-serving politicians.

We are ready to take care of our leaders in their advanced age but I want to urge you to appoint the youth for the next five years,” Arati said.

He added that he is willing to work with the head of state to ensure that Kisii county benefits from the government’s development projects.

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