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WATCH: Thrilling Performance By Kenyan Acrobats Excites Pope Francis



WATCH: Thrilling Performance By Kenyan Acrobats Excites Pope Francis

The Black Blue Brothers

A group of Kenyan acrobatic performers who call themselves the “Black Blues Brothers” cheered up Pope Francis and his weekly audience at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City with an electric performance on Wednesday.

The hundreds of faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square were ready for the usual catechism lesson, prayers, and blessings from the Pope and instead, they got a circus act.

From video clips circulating on social media, Pope Francis seemed to love the show.

Dressed in black suits with hats, the group performed to tunes of “Soul Man” and “Do the Twist” doing acrobats, somersaults, and handstands in the air.

The five acrobats have so far performed to more than a quarter of a million audiences across 500 dates in over 200 cities around the world.

They even once did a show for the late Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family.

With a strong musical component and an extraordinary repertoire of somersaults, human pyramids, stunts with fire, and virtuosity of the body, their performances amuse spectators.

Their performances give tribute to the famous 80s movie The Blues Brothers, demonstrating strength, agility, and comedic timing on stage.

The five gained nurtured their skills at the Sarakasi Trust, a charity based in Nairobi that mainly empowers artists by equipping them with relevant tools to manage their careers and craft.

To polish their skills, the group trained together for five years before they began their tour of the world.

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