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Ways to pose like Instagram mode Malaika Firth



Being a millennial, you understand how important it is to look good on Instagram. You know, maintaining a good social media life and all that. Well, check out some of the most amazing poses from Malaika Firth.

Malaika Firth is a British Kenyan model who has walked the runways and graced your social media pages with her amazing poses. She is just 24 but can easily say ‘mama I made it’ unlike most out there (sigh)

Malaika Firth has been a model for more than seven years. In the business of modeling, she is still considered a new face majorly because of her incredible complexion. Well, and other things too.

She is a Kenyan born in Mombasa but moved to Barking when she was seven years old. Malaika Firth has worked with some of the greatest names such as Dolce and Gabbana, marc jacobs and jean-paul. She has also worked in the victoria’s secret fashion show.

She is a force to reckon with. if you are having trouble with your Instagram poses, you should check her page and be inspired.

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