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‘We lost Ayieya and Njenga. We never saw it coming!’ MC Jesse mourns



Churchill Raw host MC Jessy has said they are yet to come to terms with the death of fellow stand up comedian Njenga Mswahili.

Jessy was speaking at the burial of Njenga who was being laid to rest at Langata Cemetery. Speaking exclusively to Mpasho he said,

‘It’s sad that we have lost Njenga, our team is about bringing comedians together as a family so losing him hurts us a lot. When grief comes to us we do not even know how to handle it.

Jessy added,

‘When they (comedians) are sad trust me they are sad, We lost Ayeiya and now Njenga and we never saw it coming.

We all believed that we would grow old together, we always pray together for God to see us through the ear but they are no more.

We do not know how to deal with it because as comedians we are supposed to make people laugh.’

Asked on whether it is true Njenga died of depression MC Jessy told Mpasho,

‘Everyone has problems but I cannot exactly say that depression is what killed Njenga. Nowadays people are going through a lot.

We try kujuliana hali ,catching up and we never lose contacts with any one of us. Njenga had an issue and we reached out and helped to the extent we could.’

Njenga Mswahili
Njenga Mswahili

Jesse added that what they will now focus on keeping tabs on each other more than they did before.

‘He is gone and we cannot go back and start discussing that, What we should now know is that as much help each other we should now do it more. As comedians we always make people laugh but when we are sad who makes us laugh? That is why when death knock it really shakes us.’

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