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Weh! Kenyan artistes’ concert pay slip leaked (PHOTO)



Our Kenyan artistes this 2019 have really worked hard to give us amazing music.

This was the year Gengetone came in and the Kenyan youths fell in love with that type of music instantly. In fact, the joke out there is that Gengetone has created more employment than the government.


Now that the year is at the stage of parte after parte, a lot of artistes have been booked for concerts both local and international. KOT have been questioning how many days December has because there are too many concerts.

With that said, a list of what a few popular Kenyan artistes’s are paid has been leaked. What surprised me is that artistes who have been in the game for so many years are getting less pay than all Gengetone artistes.

#Nyokayashaba! Christmas comes early courtesy of Kamene, Kibe, Xtian and Kenyan artistes

Sauti Sol and Nyashinski I must say are a rare kind. Sauti Sol are the highest-paid, almost hitting the million mark and Nyashinski ranks as the highest-paid solo artiste but this does not surprise us. At least we know his wife, Zia Bett will be living it large.

Here is the leaked information on their pay:

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