By Cynthia Chebet.

What have you achieved since you graduated? This is the most common interview question you are going to encounter.

Employers use this question to know what you have been able to accomplish professionally that will proof you are the right candidate for the job.

For you to give the best answers to this interview question, you need to be adequately prepared before the session.

To help you do that, here are the interview tips on to pick your greatest accomplishment to impress the interviewer.

How to Choose Achievements To Use When Answering The Interview Question.

  • Pick an achievement you accomplished most recently that relates to the job description. Relevance is key so do not waste your time talking about something you achieved but has no value to what you aim to do; impress the employer.
  • Use only professional achievements. Why? Because you do not want to sound odd to the employer. Talking about achievements that are not professional, no matter how great they might be, will make you sound unprofessional. If you have no work experience, talk about your academic qualifications.

Once you have picked your greatest achievements after graduation you want to use, you now need to have a structure on how to mention them.

Instructions on How To Mention Your Achievements Since Graduation

  • Do not be either shy or humble. This is your chance for you to brag about what you have accomplished so far, so do not hold back. However, be careful not to overdo it making you look rude towards the employer.
  • Pick only professional achievements. This will make you look like someone who knows what they want. Sometimes employers will ask for your greatest professional achievement, and sometimes they’ll leave it as an open-ended question and simply say, “what is your greatest achievement?” No matter how they phrase the question, keep your answer focused on a professional achievement
  • Choose achievements you had after you graduated that had overall, but major impact. This will show the employer how you will be a huge asset to their company.
  • Be specific and straight to the point as you speak about these achievements. Do not wander off to details that do not concern the job vacancy in Kenya you seek.
  • What result did your accomplishment bring about? Talk about that so that you are able to show the value of your achievement.
  • Prepare for follow up questions by the employer as soon as you are done presenting your main achievements in the interview. Here the interviewer wants to know more about the accomplishments you just mentioned, therefore, be detailed as much as possible.
  • Practice your answers to ensure perfection during the interview. As you do this, go over the key points you want to share, and make sure you can explain the story clearly while transitioning from one key point to another. This will ensure there is a flow in your story.

Learning how to answer what you have been able to accomplished since graduating is easy as long as you follow the instructions above. Interview coaching will be of great help as you prepare to ace the interview.

Remember, Practice makes Perfect!