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Why DP William Ruto Will Eventually Join Uhuru and Raila in Supporting the BBI



DP William Ruto’s tantrums on the BBI are just but a passing cloud, he will eventually join Uhuru and Raila in drumming up support for the BBI. Ruto knows his political future remains uncertain without the full backing of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the state machinery, as such it would be foolhardy going against the BBI. An initiative spearheaded by President Uhuru and Raila Odinga.

In Kenya, state machinery and what is famously known as ‘the system’ plays a huge part on who becomes the president and commander in chief. It is out of this that Raila Odinga, despite having a huge fanatical following from every corner of the republic and won nearly every election, he has never been declared president. Kenyans still vividly remember the events of 2007.

DP William Ruto should not close his eyes to history. Even though he has been contradicting the president on a number of critical national issues, going against the BBI will send him to a political oblivion. And he knows this. The tough talk will fade and slowly he will join the BBI train. What then will become of the politicians in Tanga Tanga who have been saying ‘No Apology, No BBI’? They are going to be left with a huge rotten egg in their faces.

All the noise of threatening to oppose the BBI Report is just hot air. Watch closely as things unveil in coming days. William Ruto will join Uhuru and Raila in supporting the BBI. Take it, or leave it.

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