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Why DP William Ruto’s Strength in Central Kenya is Diminishing each Day




Over the past few months, there have been perceptions on how DP William Ruto has made considerable inroads in Mt Kenya region and has a solid support. However, for the past couple of weeks, this seems to be changing after President Uhuru embarked on a spirited attempt to contain his backyard which was growing increasingly rebellious. Also, to appease himself to the people of Mt Kenya, the DP was on a hate campaign against Raila Odinga, something that is losing steam as residents no longer want politics of hate but one that outlines issues on how being in government will help them, therefore inciting them against Raila has grown stale.

Also, the inroads Ruto made in Central after 2013, culminating in the rigging in of many of his handpicked loyalists, is no small feat and may in part help explain his swagger.

Couple that with the ongoing stealth badmouthing of Raila in the region—a feat made simpler by the sheer fact the man [Raila] has never been popular in the region beyond pockets here and there—Ruto certainly has some confidence and belief he can still manage to keep Raila support at single or low digits, with or without Uhuru’s help.

There is anecdotal evidence Ruto has kept dislike or hatred of Raila in Central at high degrees for now, even as Uhuru, Raila and their supporters in the region go back to the drawing board to figure out the best way to counter and politically finish Ruto there.

It is anticipated one such way to be the aftermath of the President receiving the BBI report, which is due soon.

More specifically, it is expected that Uhuru and Raila will hit the road promoting the BBI report and its referendum recommendations, starting from Central where how they are received will give us a peek into what the future portends.

If the rallies in Central are as successful and behemothic as expected, then Raila 2022 is done as far as Central is concerned, with the rest being a formality.

If not, then folks will go back to the war room and plot the mother of all political wars ahead.

The idea here is not to rally 100 per cent, or 90 or even 80 per cent of Central behind Raila with Uhuru’s help; rather, even dividing evenly with Ruto support in the region would suffice because Raila can make the rest up elsewhere.

Starting from Rift Valley where Ruto is also no doubt doing everything to lock Raila out and the #1 cunning ploy is to position himself (Ruto, that is), as the only one who can protect Kikuyus and their interests in Rift Valley.


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