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Why Form One students will be allowed to wear their primary school uniforms



Why Form One students will be allowed to wear their primary school uniforms

A Form One learner can wear their primary school uniform for a select period if their parent is not able to purchase a new one immediately, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machugu has said.

While overseeing the Form One admission exercise at St. Georges Secondary School in Nairobi on Monday, Machogu asked teachers to be lenient with students who do not report to school in the right uniforms.

“We made it clear that the parents are informed on the uniform to buy and where a parent is not able to buy uniform immediately, they are given time such that a student can come with the uniform they used to put on in primary and wear it for the time being while parents are making arrangements of procuring the same,” he said.

Machogu said that the secondary school fees remain as recommended by the Kilemi Mwiria education taskforce, and not even a shilling should be added to it.

“The government has not increased school fees, the fees is as it was set seven years ago by the Kilemi Mwiria taskforce. Which set the amount for National schools and Extra-county schools at Ksh.53,455. The amount for County boarding secondary schools is Ksh.45, 000,” the CS said.

He added that the school fees should not be paid at a go, but on a termly basis.

In a bid to realise the 100% transition to secondary schools, Machogu said needy students will benefit from scholarships and bursaries from CDF funds.

“In day schools a parent is not required to pay school fees, only uniforms.”

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