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Why “Huduma Namba” doesn’t still have a clean bill of health.



Raila Odinga registering for the Huduma Namba./COURTESY

There are still strong reasons why you should worry about Huduma Namba despite your ethnic warlord having endorsed the unscrupulous government service.

Chances are that Kenya’s political bigwigs were either threatened or bribed to influence their followers to register for the service.

At point in history has any government implemented something without any opposition and calls for amendments. Huduma Namba is too good to be true.

Preachers are urging their followers to stay away from the service. They are arguing that the service is Satanic. One Nairobi preacher has even been arrested for openly asking his followers not to register. Whether Huduma Namba is Satanic or not is beyond the scope of this article.

Well-read bloggers and economists have also come forward with strong reasons to oppose the service. They claim that there is a cabal and a shadow government that has captured the state. Huduma Namba is their project hence the vehemence and brutality with which the government is coercing citizens to register.

The bloggers and economists could be right. Huduma Namba registration is asking for too much data from Kenyans when the country clearly lacks a secure or well managed database to keep Kenyans from data-related crimes like identity theft.

If the government has no ulterior motives with this thing then why is it duplicitous about it? The High Court ruled that Kenyans must not be forced to register, but the government continues to threaten citizens to do so.

It is a fact that the Jubilee administration admires China’s communism, which has some sort of Huduma Namba. President Kenyatta and his cronies are dying to take this country the communism way. Their dark desires are driven by the awareness that in communism states, politicians steal, and no one holds them accountable.

Huduma Namba is an example of baby steps of a nation that is trying to adopt communism. Next, you will be tracked and awarded points so you can be denied services by the state if your points are low.

Uhuru’s government is turning Kenya into some primary school.


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