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Why Kenyans need to embrace pool as a sport



Why Kenyans need to embrace pool as a sport

Experienced pool player Cyrus Maina has called on Kenyan youth to embrace the game and enroll for the various competitions.

Maina started playing pool 1998 and has represented the country in several competitions including last year’s All Africa Pool Championship in Zambia.

Pool is one of the cue sports which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“I want the players to come on board so that we can nurture the talent. It is good to learn from the elite players. Kenya has so many potential players only that they don’t have the exposure. Once requires a lot of practice and calmness so that they can focus on the game,” said Maina.

“It might be mostly be associated with bars but if you play it to a higher level then you will see it as any other sport,” he added.

On Thursday, Kenya Pool and Billiard Federation in partnership with Hallo-Pay Limited launched the process of Kenya Pool National Team Selection for the All Africa Pool Games which will be held in South Africa in October.

The event was held at PINS Entertainment Sarit Centre with its theme being ‘Pooling for Mental Health’.

Five men and five women who will triumph in the finals will get a ticket to represent Kenya in the continental showpiece.

The registered individuals will pay Sh500 and another Sh1000 for playing venues and the fight to represent the country will start from the sub county, then head to the counties and national levels. The ladies event however will be held at the national stage.

KPBF Tournament Director Morgan Mutua asked the government to recognizs pool as a professional sport in Kenya.

“The motto we have is pooling for mental health. It is a game which enhances your concentration and requires an incredible amount of hand-eye coordination,” he said.

“We are taking steps to ensure the game is no longer perceived negatively as it is now. We have the BLCB licence and anybody can register venues for playing pool. It is within the law,” he added.

Hallo-Pay, who are partnering with KPBF to sponsor the event, believe pool is an avenue for youths to keep themselves occupied.

“We are one of the sponsors and we have come through because it is a good game. The narrative that pool is for those who are drinking in bars is false,” Rahab Watere said.

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