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Why MCK Wants Pastor Ng’ang’a’s TV Station Shut Down



The Media Council of Kenya (MCK), has threatened to take action against Pastor Ng’ang’a’s SASA TV for violation of the code of conduct in the practice of journalism.

In a press statement, MCK alleges that the televangelist used offensive language on a live TV program on October 9, 2021, which was a breach of code conduct set by the body, regarding the obscenity, taste and tone of reporting.

An Undated Photo of Pastor Ng’ang’a alighting from a police vehicle


“The Council notes that the media house in question breached clauses 5 (b) (c) on Accountability and 10 (1) on Obscenity, Taste and Tone in Reporting by allowing a presenter, Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a in a live broadcast from ‘Jerusalem City Kenya’ at 1024 hours where he uttered offensive and unprintable words on air,” reads parts of the memo by MCK CEO David Omwoyo.

The council says that it will take action against SASA TV upon completion of the due process as per its guidelines, ordering the station to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against it.

“The Media Council of Kenya will take action against Sasa TV, after completion of due processes for breach of Code of Conduct for the Practice of journalism in Kenya,” stated Omwoyo.

A video went viral of the evangelist preaching at his church, Neno Evangelism Centre, addressing how morgue nurses should handle his body after his demise.

But Ng’ang’a is not new to controversy. In May 2019, he was captured in another clip lecturing his church’s pastors.

MCK’s warning shot comes barely weeks after the pastor was let-go in a Ksh3.6 million fraud case, after the parties agreed to settle the matter out of court.

An Undated Photo of Pastor's Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism Church in Nairobi.

An Undated Photo of Pastor’s Ng’ang’a’s Neno Evangelism Church in Nairobi.


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