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Why police officers surrounded home of former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i – Lawyer – Kenya Satellite News Network



Why police officers surrounded home of former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i – Lawyer – Kenya Satellite News Network

A renowned Kenyan lawyer claims that a contingent of elite police who allegedly surrounded former CS Fred Matiangi’s house in Karen on Wednesday night were planning to “plant evidence” of an undisclosed crime.

Local media reported that an unknown number of police officers were spotted at the home where the

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga arrived  minutes after 10 pm.

Dr Matiang’i’s legal team, who were also present at his residence, called the move unprocedural and claimed his life may be in danger.

“The police have not declared what they want or what he’s done wrong. We do not understand why the police would come to arrest our client in the dead of the night. Why didn’t they come during the day?” posed lawyer Sam Nyaberi.

Officers arrived at the Karen home of the former CS a few minutes before 10 pm and were attempting to force their way in.

A source said that they arrived in five motor vehicles and were demanding to access to his house but were stopped by his security.

“They could be planning to plant weapons or even drugs,” said a lawyer at the scene. “Why are they doing this at night?” he wondered aloud.

“It is then that he reached out to his lawyers who made their way to his home and started arguing with the officers who have remained silent…they are not saying anything as of now,” said the source.

A police source also said that the officials who were camping outside the home of the former Interior CS were from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

Former CS was aware

The Nation, a leading Kenyan publication, reported that the former CS had by Wednesday noon been informed by highly placed sources of his looming arrest.

The former powerful CS who worked closely with former President Uhuru Kenyatta then went ahead and informed his team of lawyers on what was transpiring asking them to be on high alert.

It was not until 10 pm that an elite squad arrived at his Karen home in five vehicles and demanded to gain access into the home of Dr Matiang’i who has maintained a low profile ever since President William Ruto took over as Head of State.

Little did the officers know that the former CS who was inside his Karen home had even informed Mr Odinga of what had transpired.

As an argument brewed outside the compound between the officers and Dr Matiang’is security team, the team of lawyers arrived and some went straight into his house where they were allowed to get in.

“This is something that we had already been told was going to happen but we did not know that they were planning to arrive at his home during the night,” an aide said on condition of anonymity.

Speaking at the scene, Lawyer Omari said that the former CS was safe as he condemned the state on the attempted arrest at 10 pm saying that it was only aimed at humiliating him.

“The former CS is safe and we are not going to leave this place until tomorrow…already we are over 200 all they can do is arrest all of us,” he said.

Mr Omari confirmed they were aware of the plans to arrest Dr Matiang’i but they did not know for what reasons.

He said that the officers will not be allowed to access the compound until they produce a search warrant.

“This habit of walking into the home of someone at night and just making arrests is unacceptable and unconstitutional. We shall not allow the officers to nab him,” said the lawyer.

According to them, they believe the late-night attempted arrest is being used to scare the former CS from attending the late Prof Magoha’s funeral service tomorrow.

Mr Omari said they have received strict orders from former President Kenyatta to head early to court to seek anticipatory bail for all former CSs.

The lawyers said they will escort Dr Matiang’i to the nearest police station to record his statement.

The former Prime Minister condemned the manner in which the officers were planning to arrest Dr Matiang’i saying that it was unfortunate that such things were happening in the country.

“Police have surrounded his home at this time of the day… the more things change the more they remain the same. Why arrest people without formal charges? It is completely unacceptable!” said Mr Odinga who later left the compound.

Matiang’i served  as the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

Prior to his appointment in this role, he has held several key positions in the Kenyan government, including serving as the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and as the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Information and Communications.

He is widely regarded as a competent and effective administrator, and has been credited with implementing a number of reforms in the education sector.

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