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Why the Kenyan Government cannot shut down the Internet.





Kenyan Report Correspondent

February 1, 2018

The government of Kenya has successfully shut down TV stations in an effort to flex its muscles and push the media into submission. Thank God for the internet, TV stations can live stream.

Here are some of the reasons why the Kenyan government cannot Shut down the internet and hence control the social media and information flow.

First, Mobile money Transfer, a multibillion dollar industry will be completely crippled, meaning that no money can be sent or received in Kenya. Most jubilee financiers control this industry, hence, the possibility of this happening is Zero.

Second, Wire Transfer relies on the internet; that means that just like Mpesa, inter-bank money transfer and international money transfer between financial institutions cannot work. This will affect the government itself and its operations. If the government would find a way to shut down the internet without itself becoming a victim, that would have worked,

Third, Kenya is home to international organizations like UNEP and many others. Foreign embassies like the U.S, Britain High Commission among others would be affected. These embassies and foreign missions rely on the internet to communicate to their home countries .The last thing Jubilee wants is to make decisions that will impact its relationship with the international community; more so, foreign missions that have been friendly to its administration.

Fifth, the security of a country relies on the internet to transmit and receive information from different areas. Shutting down the internet would present a serious security threat to the nation.

Sixth, Dennis Itumbi would lose his job as the Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication. How would he do his job without the internet?


Seventh, the internet has revolutionized the way people do business in Kenya. Business transactions are handled through mobile platforms; meaning that people make payments at the checkout stations using Mpesa and other mobile money transfer platforms using a playbill number. Shutting down the internet would slow down business.

Given these factors, the probability of Hon. Matiangi shutting down the internet is Zero. That would be similar to shooting yourself in the foot. But then, Matiangi has the power to ignore all these and shut down the internet in an effort to prove that he can.





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