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Wojciech Tomasz Szczęsny saved a penalty against Lionel Messi of Argentina



It had been projected that the match could have gone either way but Poland simply didn’t take up their chances hence sitting back throughout the whole match.

Lionel Messi could have opened the score board for Argentina via a penalty kick but Wojciech Szczęsny did everything in his power to deny the Argentine from doing so.

Szczęsny knocked Messi in the face around the penalty box when both of them were vying for an air ball an incident which led to Danny Desmond Makkelie who was the centre referee to award Argentina a penalty.

It was a tense moment in the stadium and everyone was expecting Messi to put the ball at the back of the net only for his spot to be saved by the Polish keeper.

Frustrations loomed over Messi’s face for he couldn’t believe what had just happened. This was the very second time that Szczęsny was making a similar save after doing so against Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to penalties, Messi is the perfect taker but Szczęsny just doesn’t agree with the statistics. This could be Messi’s last World Cup tournament and it is evident that he is losing his power slowly by slowly.

Alexis Mac Allister and Julian Alvarez saved Messi from embarrassment after scoring for Argentina. The game was a must-win for them considering no one in their group had qualified for the last 16.

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