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Woman Beats Up Boyfriend For Looking At Other Women During Flight



A woman was the center of attention after she decided to deliver violence on her boyfriend during a flight.

The woman even went as far as hitting the helpless man on the head with a laptop because he looked at other women.

In a viral video, the American woman can be seen verbally assaulting the man, who she referred to as “Memo”.

It soon turned physical and the woman refused every attempt by staff to restore peace in the packed American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles.

The woman called the man a “nig***” multiple times and accused him of “looking at other women” in a manner likely to suggest he longed to visit their nakedness.

The woman also used swear words and when an air hostess warned her to stop using the F word because of a child closeby, the woman said: “Yeah I know. I fuc**** consulted the fu***** child.”

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The couple was eventually sent out of the plane and as they walked down the aisle, the woman hit the man on the head with a laptop then started pounding him with her strong fists.

Watch the video below:

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