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Worshippers Now Have To ‘Worship’ Kenyan Prophet Before God Listens To Their Prayers.



It is now a reality that without going down to their knees and humbling themselves before him in a worship kind of way, Kenya’s Most High Prophet Owuor’s worshippers have nothing much to expect from their supplications.

If and when the worshippers require urgent and immediate feedback from God, they have to completely bow and shower praises on the Most Holy Prophet, keeping their heads as low as possible on the ground.

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This, it emerged, is a show of complete supplication and trust in God through his Most Holy Prophet who represents him on earth.

This seems to be a fundamental step, almost compulsory from all the worshippers if they are sure to receive feedbacks for their prayers without any delay. Those who do not do this, according to the reports, are readily dismissed by the self-proclaimed Heaven’s spokesman for rudeness and lack of discipline with their requests turned down instantly.

A good number and ardent followers of the prophet find absolutely nothing queer with their shepherd’s ultimatums and are usually more than ready to follow his commands to the letter.

The prophet, who insists that he takes divine direction from above, takes off his own shoes during offering prayers at the altar or attending to a follower or any worshippers who need special attention.

His aides say that taking off the shoes signifies the removal of both folly and pig-headedness, preparing one to receive divine help.


As a prophet, removing his shoes is symbolic of humbling himself before the Lord, implying that his followers have equally to bow their heads on the ground, to make it possible for him to communicate and channel their prayers in the right direction for instant reply.

The pastor has made his followers believe that their solemn prayers can only be subject to consideration when they kneel down before him.

The Lord’s prophet has been on the receiving end of criticisms from several quarters, with many Kenyans faulting his way of worship and ability to keep such a huge and big following of worshippers.

It is quite a surprise that he has since successfully managed to set up gigantic worship centers, usually covered in thick large tents, in virtually all big cities in the republic.

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One can hardly explore any serious town in Kenya today and fail to get his center of worship, beautifully decorated and fenced, where he meets his flock for the fellowshipping.

Ironically, the prophet does not seem sacred to any length with the talks he considers baseless, oftentimes saying that idle minds have to find what to say in every situation.

He has, on several occasions, dismissed claims that he goes extreme with his demands on his followers, saying that all he does is designed by the heavens and as such he can do nothing to avert or alter the very pattern embraced by the Lord.

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