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“Y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me!” Otile Brown shades Vera Sidika and his other exes!




It sure feels good to be Otile Brown who claims that his exes never get over him because he is a sweet and caring man.

In his recent posts shared on his Instagram stories…the singer says that his exes have been on his case for long despite breaking up with them.

The ‘bitter’ ladies have gone to an extent of ruining his relationship with Ethiopian beauty Nabbi who dumped him after an unknown lady on social media told her  that she was pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby.

Otile Brown targeting Vera Sidika?

Anyway, seems like Mr Brown has decided to call out his exes saying that they still think about him. He goes on to claim that these ladies often wait for their men to fall asleep so that they can stalk him in piece.

Otile Brown wrote;

Have you ever wondered why my exes never get over me coz I’m sweet, caring. loveling and very smart – they’ve been hiding behind fake accounts – and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder cant stay away from this DMs and comment and I don’t blame her – too much pressure for a good quiet girl like her- And so my exes y’all haven’t moved on, y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me – hiding on your bathrooms tryn to geopardise my relationship when y’all men are in bed a sleep.


Otile Brown

Well could the post be directed to Vera Sidika since she is the only one we know of and is currently in a serious relationship with her Tanzanian bae?

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