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“You Cannot Satisfy A Borehole” Linturi Delivers A Winning Shot




Estranged Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has wondered how an innocent man like him is expected to satisfy a borehole in the form of a human body part.

He has hit back at Keitany, nullifying the latter’s claims that he suffers erectile dysfunction. The senator confessed that any man would have a similar problem if they encountered Keitany type of woman who he describes as a massive borehole.

His sentiments come after embarrassing revelations by Keitany that he couldn’t satisfy her conjugal rights, even blaming him for being addicted to pornography.

linked to a borehole
The Senators estranged wife

He said he had tried effortlessly satisfy Keitany’s sexual demands, in vain. The senator, who said Keitany’s malicious public revelations left him with no option but to equally speak out, says he regrets ever uniting with Keitany in the matrimony.

Senator Linturi expressed his disappointment on the turn the marriage has taken, and said at this point, there’s little he can do to cool the explosion.

He described Keitany’s cookie jar as oversize and said never once had he enjoyed their romance, for every time it wouldn’t be any different from drowning in a massive borehole.

Linturi criticized Keitany’s lavish lifestyle saying it has affected her manners and watered down her integrity. He added that Keitany is selling beauty and believes that beauty gives one the credibility to get what they want.


An enraged Linturi said Keitany should better embark on a mission to slimming her ocean if the beauty she hawks could bring her any returns in the future. As she is, he confessed, there’s nothing fun in her. The senator said this revelation would be ascertained by all the men who have ever laid Keitany down.

Apart from the visual facial expression and compact body which is on the verge of withering, Linturi recounted that Keitany is a waste block. He criticized the media for being pro-Keitany, saying that they ought to be more liberal and present the truth as it is without embellishing it with extras, to suit one side.

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He believes that in the fullness of time, justice will be served appropriately and encouraged the media to broadcast the borehole issue, just as they broadcasted his alleged bed failings.

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