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‘You Failed as President,’ Gachagua Trolls Uhuru in Blistering Attack



‘You Failed as President,’ Gachagua Trolls Uhuru in Blistering Attack

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has taken a swipe at retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, accusing him of trying to sabotage the Kenya Kwanza government.

Gachagua has told Uhuru to keep off the affairs of the new administration and watch him and his boss, President William Ruto transform the country.

The second in command insisted that the Kenya Kwanza regime will not take advice or criticism from the former Head of State, stating that he was a failure.

Uhuru is to blame for the economic mess Kenya is into, Gachagua charged.

“People who sabotaged farmers and undermined food security for parochial politics have no business telling us how to work and if they want to know work is going, they should come here and see what is going on.

“People are working day and night to make interventions to bring the cost of food down and here they are trying to introduce politics of trying to tell people how they should work. They had their own opportunity to work and they brought this country to its knees, economically,” he said.

The DP added that it was not easy to rectify the mistakes of the previous administration, but expressed confidence that they will succeed.

A few days ago, Uhuru excoriated Ruto and Gachagua for attempting to drag him into petty politics months after he handed over power to the duo.

“Don’t worry about these people who are making noise, people who have nothing else to do will always make noise. That’s life. We will mind our business,” he said.

While Uhuru went into a quiet life after leaving the presidency, lately he has become a topic of discussion among Kenya Kwanza politicians for allegedly meddling in the running of the current government through Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga.

Uhuru and tycoons in his administration have been mentioned as the financiers of the ongoing Azimio protest rallies by various government men and women.

They claim that Uhuru and his group have not been paying taxes and were using Raila to intimidate Ruto so that they can continue being exempted from tax payments.

The President has addressed them, saying over his dead body they are going to have their way.

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