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‘You Would Have Died a Drunkard,’ Lawyer Ahmednasir Tells Speaker Justin Muturi in Bitter Twitter Spat




National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi was on Tuesday morning embroiled in a bitter exchange of words with city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Twitter.

The spat began after Ahmednasir criticized Speaker Muturi’s comments on the process of implementing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report. On Monday, Muturi stated that Parliament standing orders do not allow the report to be debated in the house in its current form, unless it is converted to a bill or presented by the President as a government policy document.

“If Speaker Muturi was an AVERAGE lawyer I would have taken his READING of the Constitution very Seriously…fortunately no one has EVER taken the FOOLISH risk of relying on his interpretation of the law…,” lawyer Ahmednasir tweeted.

But in a quick rejoinder, Speaker Muturi asked Ahmednasir to “stop being personal and be civil”. In reply, Ahmednasir accused Muturi of subverting the law in his term as National Assembly speaker. “I am civil Sir…it is fair to state Sir as I have done that your tenure as Speaker Sir is defined by a TOTAL SUBVERSION of the constitution…that is your RECORD Sir…that is your LEGACY Sir and Mr. Speaker can NEVER run away from that…Sir,” wrote Ahmednasir.

Speaker Muturi then challenged Ahmednasir to point out specific cases where he allegedly subverted the constitution.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, I need a year and the help of a dozen researchers to write down all the instances you DELIBERATELY BREACHED the constitution…Twitter can’t do justice, Sir,” Ahmednasir hit back.


In response, Muturi accused Ahmednasir of working at the behest of an unnamed person. “Please engage them. Don’t be personal. I know you are just a proxy,” Muturi noted.

The comment appeared to have rubbed Ahmednasir the wrong way, who hit back by saying that Muturi would have died a drunkard were it not for President Kenyatta’s intervention in 2013.

“Proxy to whom? I am from Mandera…self made. NO ONE in power ever made me a favour…Unlike you who would have died DRUNKEN in SIAKAGO…if it wasn’t for the KINDNESS of H.E Uhuru. You had zero cent in your account when JUBILEE was elected in 2013…today you are a BILLIONAIRE,” Ahmednasir retorted.

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