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Youtuber Iam Marwa builds poor neighbors 3-bedroom house in 10 days



Youtuber Iam Marwa builds poor neighbors 3-bedroom house in 10 days

Kenyan Youtuber, Iam Marwa who has made his fortune by traveling across the world and documenting his journey, has come to the aid of his needy neighbors back home in Kenya.

It all started when he received a letter from a girl named Anna. The high schooler approached him pleading for Sh. 1,000 after lacking money for remedial lessons and money to buy essentials.

Her father works as a gatekeeper at the school she studies at. Anna was stranded since her education sponsor had passed away and the family had no means of providing for her needs.

Marwa shared details of the letter with his fans, who amazingly decided to contribute Sh. 20,000 for Anna and her family.

Iam Marwa took the proceeds to the family’s home and that is how he got to have a glimpse of the difficult lifestyle they endured on a daily.

Marwa opted to give the family a better life and generously built a three-bedroomed decent bungalow, which has reached completion in 10 days. The family will now move from a mud house to a stone house.

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Marwa has also planted flowers and plants in the compound to give it a modern home feel.

The house was opened today, 4th February 2023, and the family is moving in today. The house has its walls painted white and looks exquisite.

Marwa’s fans are pleased with his kind gesture, noting that he is blessed and will reap more blessings in return.

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