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Zari Hassan ex-lover explains why she overreacted after being called “mama” by Anita Fabiola



Zari Hassan’s ex-boyfriend Robert ”Bob” Ogwal whom she dated way back as a young lady has come out reveal that Zari is usually very hot-tempered.

Speaking in an interview with NBS TV, Bob said that when he was dating the socialite, she was good to him during the first days but later turned into a hot-tempered lady.

He went on to add that sometimes she’d get so angry to a point that she’ll want to fight waiters when they were out eating.

“If she goes to a restaurant and they delay to take her order or bring her food, she could easily get angry and even beat the waitress,” Bob said.

Old woman

Bob also explained why Zari flipped and got booed by fans during the recent Miss Uganda beauty pageant after the MC of the night, Anita Fabiola, referred to her as ‘mama’ while inviting her on stage to read out the winners.

According to Bob, Zari thought Anitah was calling her an old woman when she said Mama.

”First of all, I was surprised that she acted like that because that is not the Zari I know, she used to be a calm person but she changed. I think Anitah mentioning the word Mama made Zari think they had referred to her as an old woman. But calling someone mama is a sign of respect so she shouldn’t have gotten angry,” he said. 

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